About Me

My passion to become a doula started 28 years ago when I had the privilege of being my sister’s birth companion and witnessed the birth of my beautiful niece. I was moved by the miracle of her birth. I had no idea what a doula was until years later. I am now fortunate enough to be doing what I love; nurturing mothers and using my maternal instinct experience to the best of my ability and sharing those experiences in a non-biased way.

My name is Nancy Moreno Lundy, and I am a Certified Birthing and Postpartum doula, serving Marin and Sonoma County. I support all kinds of birth (vaginal birth, natural birth, epidurals, inductions, home birth, cesarean birth and multiples). I am passionate about Women’s Health, Childbirth and Pregnancy. I have a deep desire to make the birthing experience for families a sacred, safe, trusting, and memorable experience. I want to provide comfort and wisdom during the birth process. I am committed, patient, trusting, knowledgeable, and loving individual. I want to empower women and give them the accessibility, support, comfort techniques, and encouragement necessary to reach their goals. Childbirth does not necessarily mean painful; it means women are strong and powerful and need to trust their bodies with the birth process.

My goal is to prepare and put parents minds at ease during the transitional period after childbirth. This time is also very important and can often be neglected. I can provide newborn care, breastfeeding support, calming techniques, rest and relaxation for mom and baby. I will listen, educate and nurture you. I have 23 years of extensive Pediatric and Obstetrics/Gynecology experience working in private practices in Marin County. I attend continuous Childbirth & Breastfeeding Educational classes. I am doula certified through Doula Training International, and I am CPR certified.

I have been married for 28 years to a wonderful man who has always been supportive, inspiring and loving and we have a beautiful daughter. I was raised in New York and New Jersey in a bilingual home, speaking both English and Spanish. I love to cook, hike and attend yoga classes.

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