“Dear Nancy,
Thank you for helping us bring our amazing Aidan into this world! You’re such an incredibly loving & caring person & I’m so happy our stars aligned to have you share in our birth experience :) I couldn’t have asked for a better birth or for a more amazing doula and consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the journey that I did. You’re a natural at what you do & I hope you continue down this path for many years to come…”

Sending lots of love,

Laura & Aidan too!

“Thank you so much for being our Doula, I don’t think that I could have done my part without you. It was extremely reassuring to know that with a call or text I could get your expert advice and your calming energy. You seemed to always have the right solution, whether it was advice, essential oil, tea, massage, or just knowing everyone in the business (like Ozzie). i am so glad that you were a part of our birth and that now you are our friend.”

Hope to see you again soon!

Love, PK

“After the haze following Ben’s birth cleared, my husband Brendon and I had a chance to sit down and talk about those 16 hours, to try and grasp how on Saturday night we were just an excited couple, pregnant with our first baby and the next day at 2:16 pm we were the proud parents of Benjamin Bruce.It was during this conversation that we began processing Ben’s birth story—the intense contractions at home, the quiet4 am drive over the bridge to Marin General, the laboring (and more laboring), and finally the arrival of sweet Benjamin. As we talked, Brendon looked at me with tear-filled eyes and said with quiet sincerity, “we couldn’t have done it without Nancy.” I couldn’t agree more.With all of our family planted on the East Coast, Nancy was not just our doula she was my caring mom, supportive friend, experienced nurse, encouraging coach, and proud grandma as Ben breathed his first breaths.

She met with us in the weeks leading up to my due date to discuss birth plans, laboring techniques, and answer every last one of our questions (even calming my repeated “what if there is traffic and I give birth on the bridge!” concerns). She encouraged us with genuine enthusiasm and, in her most understanding voice, reassured away my fears with a resounding “You’re going to be awesome, Julie.” And she meant it. She had faith in me as a woman and in us as a couple. She had confidence that we could do this.

That theme held true though the entire labor as Nancy guided Brendon to be an amazing, integral support and tirelessly encouraged us both to keep going when we thought we couldn’t. She was hands on, rocking and breathing with me through contractions, calmly guiding our decisions, and giving unending (much needed!) praise. She read the room, she read my face, she knew what was needed when and did it.

After Ben’s arrival Nancy stayed by our side showering us with congratulations, sharing in our joy. It is in that moment, at 2:16pm on August 11th, 2013, that Nancy, along with Ben, became a part of our family forever.”

— The Manwaring Family